Sourdough Starter

You can’t make homemade sourdough bread without a sourdough starter!


Water Whole grain rye flour Unbleached bread flour

Add rye flour and warm water. Stir and let rest in a warm space for 24 hours. Add some mixture from Day 1, rye flour, bread flour, and warm water. Mix let it rest in a warm space for 24 hours.


Repeat this for Days 3, and 4. Let it rest in a warm space overnight. Moving forward, you’ll continue to use the same jar instead of moving to a fresh one.


Repeat for Days 5, 6 and 7.


At this point your starter should be rising and falling in a predictable pattern. Continue to feed with the previous ratio twice per day.


You’ll need a little bit of patience—you can’t make the starter and then make a loaf of bread right away!

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