The temperature reached 104 degrees yesterday and is 74 degrees today. Much more enjoyable. We’ve been enjoying High School & College football all weekend. So, the kids felt they needed to have their first backyard football game of the year. So much fun! Brian is loving it! I could hear lots of plays called out mixed in with laughter and….tears! They just don’t understand why they can’t get the ball EVERY TIME. Guess that’s a lesson for another day.

backyard football

I was inside preparing dinner and I made my first crock pot dinner of the Fall. With all the talk of the Crock Pot Girls, it really got me in the mood. Tonight we had Crock Pot Country Style Ribs with my favorite Mac and Cheese Crock Pot recipe, slaw, southern style biscuits with a Lemon Crunch Bundt Cake from Sam’s for dessert. Sooooo good! It reminded me of a meal my mom would make. Miss her bunches!

crock pot meal


I’m very excited to have a 3-day weekend for Labor Day. That means no rushing around tonight to get ready for the week and no waking up early.

Loving. It.

See you back here tomorrow with my Country Style Ribs and Mac and Cheese Crock Pot recipes!



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  1. this is why I love holidays because you get to eat non stop and then play fun games with the kids to work all that fat out 🙂

  2. Looking yammi! Waiting for those recipes 😉

  3. Ric Robinson says:

    Looks delicious!!! Hard to beat a crock pot.
    Love and miss “Y’all”.

    1. Crock pots are the perfect Kitchen tool for the Fall! Miss you too!!

  4. Looks like you had a really good time! The pic is great, I can see that they having so much fun 🙂

    1. Thanks, Anna! They really were having fun!

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