WOW! What a couple of weeks it has been! Last week we were getting ready for back to school and this week is back to school. The calendar still says it’s Summer  but the temperatures feel like Fall. Odd. Very odd, I tell ya.


This year Andrew is a Kindergartner and Ella is a 2nd Grader. Booohooo! I can’t believe I now have TWO in school. Thank goodness I still have Sydney at home. I was not ready for them to go back. I was sad to see it was already time – but they have adjusted really well!



Andrew has been so big and it makes me so proud. I guess he’s bigger than I think. We haven’t had any issues getting him to school at all. Tho, he has been a horrible whiny, exhausted mess when he comes home. It’s a long day for them!


Ella was super nervous her first day – which is normal for her. But, she says she had a great day! Her teacher gave them all “Jitter Juice” the first day to help calm their nerves. (Lemonade – I think! haha)  What a great idea! She has grown up a ton over the summer. She looks and even acts older. I’m sure gonna miss my helper during the day. Sydney sure misses her too! She walks around yelling for her all day and is so happy to see them get off the bus at the end of the day.




Talking about school starting back up….the amount of school supplies the kids need are unreal! Take a look at the kid’s supplies vs. my school supplies.


I HEART my colored pens for my calendar. Everyone in the family has their own color (my blog included) and it makes it easy to glance at the calendar to see who has what going on. Plus – it makes my calendar pretty and my to-do list fun! haha!

Well, I’m off to fill my day with taking care of the daycare kiddos and Sydney and cleaning. Is it ever over???

Here’s a few photos from our week. I’ve taken a ton!!


When do your kids start school? Doesn’t it seem soon??

Have a great weekend!


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