Wow! It’s been a busy few weeks around here! We’ve had some additions in our home daycare and every time that happens, it’s like a zoo until we get a new routine down. I haven’t had much breathing room – but it seems to be slowing down! The weather has still been dreary and cold but it’s supposed to be more like Spring here the rest of the week! Time to get the yard cleaned up and the kids outside to play. It’s been way too long! I can’t wait to get outside and plan some flowers and a small veggie garden. I just hope the weather cooperates for that this year. Last year it rained and rained for the entire Spring. Our grass seed even floated away. haha!

BIG NEWS! Andrew lost his VERY FIRST TOOTH! YAY! He was so excited and proud! He lost it at school – well he actually let his teacher pull it! AHHH! How would you like to be the Kindergarten teacher that always has kid’s teeth falling out?? haha! Not me! But, he was super excited and came home with a little tooth necklace with the tooth inside of it. Of course the tooth fairy came last night and left him $5 and a note. Man, the tooth fairy must have more money now than when I was a kid. OH! There was that one time she left me a check for $5. You should have seen the bank teller’s face when I went in to cash it with my mom! Hmmmm….

Andrew tooth

Ella had a little fun of her own last week with her daddy for a Girl Scouts activity. She went to her first ever prom! YES! She got all dressed up – flowers, hair and all – and went to her first dance with her dad! Oh my! I got all teary just seeing her so happy and having so much fun dressing up. Just look at her! Is she 8 or 18 in this picture??


OH and did you see that I am now contributing over on Extraordinary Mommy each month???!! YAY! I was so excited to be one of the six new contributors! There are some awesome ladies that are writing each month – what an honor to be included with them! Make sure to check them out here!

So far I’ve wrote two posts…

One on my amazing, delicious Chocolate and Mint Cupcakes

Chocolate and Mint Cupcakes

And another on how we organize our family’s schedule.

Organizing Your Family's Schedule

I would love it if you’d check both of these posts out and show a little comment love and even share on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Thank you! You guys rock!

I have some great posts coming up in the weeks ahead – Barilla Pasta, Gulf County Florida, Easter recipes, crafts, essential oils and more! Be sure to check back! And, I again want to thank you all for the love and support you give me daily. I am very thankful to you all! And, I leave you today with a little Sydney hair humor. WOW! That girl has some crazy bed head!


Have a great week!


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