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Elon Musk Taking On Big Pharma As Part Of Massive Twitter Buy-Out, Announces Plan To Distribute 'Non-Addictive Pain Releif' Without Big Tech Censorship

(Fox) - "For years big tech and big pharma have censored what is truly safe for people to take, opioids and benzos kill thousands every day but nobody says a word about it, cbd does not!" 

Elon Musk's controversial buy-out of Twitter has taken another unexpected turn of events. Musk, currently the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and soon-to-be Twitter is taking on another multi-billion dollar sector in the United States. Big Pharma! Musk has had close friends and relatives in his life come to face massive addiction from big pharma's opioids and benzos. Musk is claiming that big tech censorship has protected Big Pharma over the years and drastically underreported the harms of these dangerous prescription drugs while ignoring the safe alternatives such as CBD. 

"Big tech and Twitter especially have protected big pharma while doing direct harm to the individual. The world is unaware of the dangers of prescriptions and unaware of the powerful and safe benefits of CBD. Once we have control of Twitter I will not allow the misinformation surrounding non-big pharma alternatives to continue".

Big Pharma is aware of the situation and threatening to sue Musk for liable and false claims against the safety of their prescriptions. A lawyer for Pzier made a public statement that read "We’re happy Elon Musk found something to replace prescriptions, but his announcement was a direct lie and something we will not tolerate. We will be taking legal action and he should formally apologize immediately.“

 If those companies thought Elon Musk was going to back down, they clearly didn’t know him. He tweeted out the next day, not to apologize, but to offer viewers free samples.

“I won’t let anyone intimidate me" he later tweeted out. WIth this new push back to big-pharma, Musk decided to partner with a leading CBD brand in the space called Sarah's Blessing CBD Gummies. “I am so confident inthe product that I am offering free samples to our viewers. Sarah's Blessing CBD Gummies is the product of thousands of hours of research and development. I wouldn’t talk about something on air I don’t believe in and have tried myself.”Twitter appropriately explodes over news of Elon Musk sale: 'Gulp' | Fox  News

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